Sunday, November 27, 2011

Review: Sephora Base Sublimatrice Primer

Another review in the same day!

I was going to post both of these together but I was really tired and it was already 6 in the morning! My sleep schedule is very...wonky right now.

Here is a primer I have been using since earlier this spring. I decided to do a review on it since I haven't seen many reviews of this product online.


Sephora actually does not carry this primer anymore it looks like (I just checked their website, no where to be found!) I'm guessing this is just a face primer that also doubles as a highlighter. Personally I just use this product for highlighting purposes only because when I try to use it as a primer, my face looks WAY too shiny! Almost on the borderline of appearing greasy. Yuck. Other than that, the shimmer in the primer is really nice. It's just right for highlighting the face and isn't sparkly at all.

What I like about it:

*It makes a great highlighter.
*Shimmer is JUST RIGHT.
*The packaging is quite cute actually.
*The price was awesome. I got this for $10.

What I don't like so much about it:

*Greasy if used as an all over face primer.

Overall, I would give this product a:


Mainly because I bought this thinking it was supposed to be an all over face primer instead of a highlighter. I know you can use it for both but I would much rather purchase a powder highlighter instead of this cream-like one.

Would I repurchase?

Honestly, I can't seeing as Sephora does not carry this product anymore!

Till next time!



  1. Wow, I've never seen this product at all at Sephora! Wonder why they don't carry it anymore... it looks like a very pretty highlighter though!

    And I would be honored if you choose to mention my blog post here :) I am looking forward to more reviews and posts! Following you now :)

  2. It is a really nice highlighter and for $10? I was so sold! :)

    Yes! I was going to mention that post about the nails for a "Winter Polish" post :) Thank you! I will follow you back ^^

  3. I was wondering, if you apply all over your face and then put mineral powder on top, does it still look shimmery? or is it covered by the foundation and can work as a primer?

  4. I really like the pinkish glow of this product, I use it daily without foundation. I hope sephora carries it. If you put powder, it does not look shimmery. I also noticed that my skin generally looks better since I have started to use it. I wonder why because it is not a moustrizer or a skin product.

  5. yes if u use powder on top it should get rid of the shine.