Sunday, November 27, 2011

Review: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

Hi everyone, first review!

I decided to do my first review on a primer I have been using this year. I didn't have any daylight in order to do my lip reviews so that will have to wait till later on this week.

Sephora says:

"A lightweight, water-based gel foundation prep for dehydrated and/or aging skin. Foundation Primer - Hydrating protects and moisturizes the skin so your makeup goes on even and smooth. This hydrating, nourishing formula works with all skin types."

What I love about it:

*It does a great job at keeping my foundation and powders in place for the whole day!
*In the summer, it's a great alternative to silicone primers which tend to break people out.
*It's moisturizing!
*I love the packaging.

What I don't like too much about it:

*Lately, in the winter, it's actually been drying my face out which is really strange considering it moisturized my skin in the summer. Shouldn't it be the other way around?
*It's a bit difficult to blend liquid foundations onto my skin. I have tried several liquid foundations with this primer to see if it's just the brand of foundation but it's unfortunately not.
*Pricey but most good foundation primers are x.x

Overall, I give this product a:


Would I repurchase?

For my summertime foundation, yes definitely! However, in the winter, I'm going to stick with my silicone primers.

See you soon~!


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