Thursday, December 8, 2011

NOTW & Winter Nails

Hello everyone!

I'm going to start doing weekly posts of a "Nails of the Week". I paint my nails once a week and I figured it would be a good weekly post to do! Also, I'm going to show a guest look from my new blogger friend Jessi from The Pink Psyche!

This is her winter nail look and I absolutely love it. I want to try to recreate it but I'm in the process of trying to strengthen my nails since they have been very weak for over a year. Once they get longer, I am definitely going to try out her look. The glitter on the tips of the nails helps to cover any mistakes and make the dark polish and the lighter polish appear to blend better. What an awesome look, thanks Jessi!

So I am a real sucker for teal blues and muted gray purples. I probably have more of them in my collection than anything else. However, I was reading online about a lot of bloggers loving N.Y.C. nail polishes and I figured I would give them a try. I'm definitely glad that I did because believe it or not, I've had this polish on for about 4 or 5 days now without really a chip in sight!

Here's also a good tip for prolonging your nail polish and to keep it from chipping early: carry a small bottle of quick drying clear nail polish around with you. When the color starts to look dull or the polish starts to chip, put on a quick coat over all your nails. This has been a key in prolonging my polish and actually strengthening my nails! (My nails flake very easily).

What colors do you like to use on your nails for winter?



  1. Thanks for the mention Emily ♥ I love that mauve-y colour, it looks really good on you! My nails used to flake so easily too, it's ridiculous! But every morning now I have milk in the form of a latte, and since then my nails have been good!

  2. Jessi's nail design is gorgeous! Wish I had such pretty nails too.. mine are always short, and I always keep them in a nude-pink color. I should actually step it up for the holidays :) Really liking that n.y.c color you have on, I could totally wear it!
    Good luck!

  3. I love her winter look, so pretty!

    I'm more for the poppy colors... I need to try out more nude/greige/muted colors!

  4. this winter nail look is awesome!

  5. Those are perfect colors for this winter I love it :)

    I think if I could I would use those colors!


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